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These Spring action acupressure slippers are in Men's sizes. Please see the sizing info at the bottom of the page and measure carefully. We have never seen an acupressure slipper that does so much! This VERY POWERFUL pressure/release slipper focuses on the reflexology zones that affect every vital organ in the body. The 39 spring action 2 normal massage nodes have varying tensions depending on which organ zone they target. The red nodes contain powerful magnets for extra reflexology/magnet therapy at specific points, providing even more holistic health benefits. In addition, the inside of each spring-node is lined with nano-silver. When walking, the friction of the moving spring releases silver particles which have antiseptic and deodorizing properties to minimize foot odors. Adjustable strap keeps foot secure to provide best contact with acupressure nodes. These slippers provide customized, direct, specific reflexology therapy that will benefit the whole body, from head to sole! Usage Wear the slippers first thing in the morning as you prepare for work or other activities. As they stimulate nerve endings and increase blood flow to the body, they also help eliminate retained water and toxins. If the pressure of the spring-nodes is intense at first, wear a pair of socks while using them until your feet become accustomed to the stimulation. Wear after bath or shower to increase the detoxifying effects of hydration and heat.

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Acupressure slipper

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