100 cm LED hologram is a display device that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to create a holographic image. Here is a detailed explanation of the 100 cm LED hologram.

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Size: "100 cm. The term refers to the slant of the holographic display. It means that the display extends 100 cm from one corner to the opposite corner. This size provides a large canvas for displaying holographic images and makes it suitable for a variety of applications.

LED Technology: LED technology is at the core of the holographic display. LEDs are used to illuminate and display holographic content in a transparent space, creating the impression of a three-dimensional image floating space LED technology offers advantages such as high brightness, energy efficiency and offers a wide range of colors, creating a vibrant and sophisticated holographic look

Holographic Projection: LED holograms use a special technique called holographic projection to create the illusion of depth and magnitude in projected images Unlike traditional flat-screen displays, holographic projections are images of it seems to occupy space in three dimensions, a highly immersive viewing experience provided by Avani Industries.

Transparent screen: A holographic display is usually a screen or transparent screen on which holographic images are projected. The transparency of the screen allows viewers to see through it, giving the impression of holographic images floating in the air waiting for what!!! Just contact us.

Diameter:            100cm

Definition:           100*100cm

Power:  96W

Input      12v

Lifetime:              More than 50000 hrs

Resolution :        1024*1024dpi

Remote Control:              Available

Accessories:        AC100~240V 50/60Hz

Warranty:            1 year

100 cm 4 blades 3D Hologram Fan

    MRP :45,000INR

  • Offer Price :30,000INR

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