The 42 cm 2-blade 3D hologram fan is a type of holographic display device that uses spinning blade technology and LED technology to create the illusion of a three-dimensional image Here is a closer look at its characteristics.

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Size: The diameter of the fan is 42 cm, so it is compact, suitable for a variety of environments such as retail stores, malls, exhibitions and events Blade Design by Avani Industries: The fan equipped with two blades rotates at high speed to create a robust platform for holographic image display Dual-blade design ensures smooth rotation and smooth display of holographic objects 3D Holographic.

Display: Through synchronized movement of the blade and LED light, the fan gives the illusion of three different images floating in mid-air This holographic effect allows viewers to immerse themselves and immerse themselves in the dream object as it unfolds the.

LED Technology: The fan is equipped with LED lights that illuminate holographic images in vibrant colors and brightness. LED technology provides energy efficiency and sustainability, ensuring long-term reliability. Content creation: Users can use dedicated software tools to create personalized holographic content to suit their specific needs. This content can include animations, advertisements, product demonstrations, branding elements, etc. What is waiting to be converted for display in a hologram fan, just contact us..

Easy to install: The fan is designed to be mounted directly on walls, ceilings, or stands using the mounting brackets or hardware supplied with the product Its lightweight housing allows for easy installation and no adjustments are not in order without problems.


Diameter:            42 cm

Definition:           42*42cm

Power:  20W

Input      12v

Resolution :        430*224dpi

Remote Control:              Available

Accessories:        AC100~240V 50/60Hz

Warranty:            1 year

42 cm 2 blades 3D Hologram Fan

    MRP :20,000INR

  • Offer Price :9,000INR

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