The 62cm 3D hologram fan is an innovative projection device that uses twisting cables and LED technology to create the illusion of a three-dimensional image Here are some of the highlights of the 62 cm 3D hologram fan.

Size: 62 cm in diameter This hologram fan provides a large display area, making it suitable for various applications such as retail stores, exhibitions, conferences and trade shows 3D Holographic Display: The fan uses a combination of curved blades and LED lights to display a holographic image that appears to float in the air this creates an absorbing and immersive experience for viewers.

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LED Technology: The interior of the fan is illuminated with LED lights that produce vibrant and luminous holographic images. LED technology ensures energy efficiency and sustainability, providing long-term reliable performance.

Blade Design: The fan usually has multiple blades (usually three or four) that rotate at high speed to create a stable platform for displaying holographic content The blade design helps ensure smooth rotation and image quality if Prepared by Avani Industries.

Easy Mounting: The Hologram Fan is designed for easy wall, ceiling, or stand mounting using the mounting bracket or hardware supplied with the device Its lightweight housing makes it easy for users is installed and modified without problems.

Remote control: Many hologram fans come with a remote control for smooth operation and adjust settings such as rotation speed, brightness and playback mode.

Diameter:            62cm 

Definition:           62*62cm

Power:  80W

Input:    12v

Lifetime:              700r/min

Resolution:         1600*960dpi

Remote Control:              Available

Accessories:        AC100~240V 50/60Hz

Warranty:            1 year

62 cm 4 blades 3D Hologram Fan

    MRP :30,000INR

  • Offer Price :18,000INR

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