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  • wig cleaner
  • glue remover
  • hair piece cleaner
  • wig tape remover

Product Description

 All other are generic brands. THIS IS ORIGINAL PRODUCT! A fast acting cleaner for scalp and all hair systems!. Having tested many citrus solvents, I have found C-22 remover to work much faster and much more effectively than others. This product is very gentle on skin and rinses off with shampoo and water. Directions: Spray on adhesive area. Reaction time in as little as 1-minute depending on adhesive build-up. Wipe or brush off residue Shampoo and Rinse MOST IMPORTANT TO SHAMPOO WIG AFTER C-22. This product comes in several sizes. Tip!: Put your favorite adhesive solvent in a long noze bottle like a hair dye bottle and when you need to use it just squat that nozzle on the area or even use nozzle to go under lace and target that area. You will save product and not spray everywhere else instead of area you need lifted.

walker C22 Citrus Solvent (4 oz)

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