About the Product

         ·            Well known for its dull finish, and is virtually invisible through the unit

         ·            It is made with Urethane, which makes the tape flexible with the skin

         ·            Hold Time 3-5 Weeks with proper care

         ·            A Contour

         ·            36pcs/bag

Product Description

Walker No Shine Tape is one of the best and strongest extended wear bonding tape on the market today. Walker No-Shine Tape provides an outstanding bonding for your hair replacement system, with a strong hold and a reduced shine. Tape is double sided, clear and has one side that has a matte finish for a no shine appearance. The printed side of this tape is applied to the skin.

Walker No Shine Tape Adhesive 3/4" X 3"CC Contour 36pcs/bag

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